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Advantages of pet food selection counting packaging equipment

The selection of pet food packaging equipment needs to be customized based on factors such as the type of pet food, packaging form, and production scale. The following is a basic pet food packaging equipment plan

  1. Equipment selection
    Bag packaging machine:
  2. suitable for bagging and sealing soft packaged food such as dog food and cat food. The equipment has functions such as automatic feeding, sealing and cutting bags, coding and printing, etc., which can ensure the efficiency and accuracy of the packaging process.
    Cup packaging machine: suitable for cup packaging of pet snacks, health products, etc. The equipment can automatically carry out cup feeding, vacuum evacuation, sealing and other processes to ensure the freshness and hygiene of the product.
    Blister packaging machine:
  3. uses plastic sheets for forming packaging, mainly used for vacuum packaging or gas packaging of pet snacks. It can complete fully automatic processes such as molding, vacuum evacuation, and sealing to enhance the visual appeal of the product.
    Boxing and canning packaging machines:
  4. Boxing packaging machines are used for carton packaging of pastries, biscuits and other products, with functions such as automatic folding, boxing and sealing; canning packaging machines are used for wet cans and other products. Metal cans or glass cans packaging, including vertical processing of new cans, sterilization of old cans, product filling, sealing and other processes.
    Counting packaging for pet food is superior to weighing packaging in some aspects.
    Accuracy and consistency: Counting packaging equipment accurately counts the quantity of products through advanced counting technology, avoiding errors that may occur due to weight changes. For pet food with relatively fixed shapes and sizes, such as small pellets or lump food, counting packaging can ensure that the quantity of food in each package is consistent, which is more in line with consumer expectations.
    Production efficiency:
  5. Counting packaging equipment is generally more suitable for high-speed packaging because they can quickly count and package products according to preset quantities. This makes the production process more efficient, especially suitable for large-scale production environments.



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